Choosing a wine that fits your taste can sometimes be frustrating, but here at Red White & Blush, we make every effort to make the selection easy and fun!

When you say “I don’t like dry wines,” does that mean you want something with a sweet taste and finish or do you want a smooth, easy drinking wine with big fruit taste and little tannins?  At Red White and Blush we will help you explore your taste and get just the right wine to suit your taste.

The Red White & Blush Wine Club
One of the best ways to learn about wine – the various textures, local varieties, and most of all, what you like, is by joining our wine club. The Red White & Blush Wine Club will offer unique wines every other month with recommended cheeses, snacks and breads that complement the wine in such a way that is fun, and will really impress your friends the next time you go out for dinner and order a great wine.

Click here for more information and to join the Red White & Blush Wine Club.